Overall rating of services averaged 9.9 out of 7,367 surveyed as of February 2014.


According to the “Journal of Managed Care” most providers strive for no more than 15% dissatisfaction.
Colorado Physical Therapy Institute has less than 1% of unsatisfied clients.

Outcome Statistics

Average number of visits for all diagnosis  = 14.36 visits

Taking out the top 10% of severe cases =   8.92    

Average waiting time is less than 5 minutes.

Colorado Physical Therapy Institute has over 86 different referring physicians within a 3 month period.

Roger C. Rettig MSPT, MNSMT, ATC, CMP, CIE

Margaret Harper, MSPT

Brenda Evans, PT, CMP

Sandee Flanagan, PTA

Ivonne Vernon, PTA

Mary Kelly, PTA

Peggy Jensen, PTA   

MOST Insurances Accepted Including Medicare



ResponseInformation# Numbered Surveyed
99%Patients would refer friends7367
99%Were given a home exercise program7223
99%Have learned how to prevent re-injury7036
99%Have learned to control symptoms7012
88.6%Overall Percent Improvement7065
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