Neck Pain - Whiplash/ neck sprains/ strains- Following a specific evaluation, we treat the pain, stiffness, spasms and decreased motion that occur with these problems.  We utilize pain management, massage, gentle exercise to increase mobility and regain strength, postural retraining and always include a home program for self-management.

"I had tremendous amount of stress and migraine headaches.   After therapy, the pain is gone and the migraines less frequently.  I have learned many strategies to avoid the intense pain and my home exercise helps rid the stress and improve flexibility.  I was treated so well I hated to leave but I know I have learned so much, and I can come back if I need to.  Thank you CPTI!"  Susan S.

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Temporomandibular Joint/Dysfunction (T.M.J. /T.M.D.)- The jaw joints are very inter-related with the neck, and with a dysfunction in one area we often see dysfunction in the other.  This is a very complicated relationship, so a thorough evaluation of the jaw and the neck along with the upper back is required for appropriate treatment.  This may include motion and stability exercises, gentle massage, postural corrections, education in sleep and ergonomic contributions to the problems.

Torticollis syndrome - This is common in children and newborns.  Our approach is to minimize symptoms and dysfunction before they become permanent.  We will work directly with parents or caregivers to provide education in home exercises, ideas to change daily and nighttime position and activities of daily living to provide comprehensive changes to speed recovery.  Gentle massage and stretching will also be taught and utilized.

"I was in a car accident in 1996 that created SI dysfunction.  I went to dozens of doctors and physical therapist but no one could help me.  Ten years later I came here (CPTI) and was fixed within a couple of months."  Vail F.

We will design a specific program to meet your individual needs, which may include manual therapy, focus on regaining normal joint motion/ position, postural corrections,  strength and stability exercise, and assistance with ergonomic or sleep related issues.  

Headaches - Headaches can be caused by numerous factors, but we can fully evaluate the cause that will by appropriately treated with Physical Therapy.  These would include muscle tension, adaptations from previous injuries, postural problems/ weakness, scoliosis, and ergonomic not of sleep-related factors.  

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Our approach is to fully evaluate what may be causing these problems, then to work with you directly developing specific treatments and education in an individualized home program.  

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Head and Neck Pain

Dizziness - Vertigo, Vestibular Problems- Because there are nerves in the neck and our inner ears that help our brain to know where we are positioned, dysfunction in the neck can cause problems with dizziness, vertigo, and the vestibular system.