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Choosing a Physical Therapist

Key questions you want to ask; why physical therapy and why ASAP?

Early physical therapy intervention is crucial.  Not only will it help reduce inflammation, but it can also initiate movement that will promote proper healing.  Ultimately, patients feel better sooner and are less likely to experience chronic pain and stiffness in the future. Early intervention reduces costs and gets the person back to their normal active lifestyle faster.

What is your specialty?

Physical Therapists like most other health-care professionals specialize in one or more specific types of treatment.  Some specialties are orthopedics, TMJ, spine, breathing, back, knee, and pediatrics to name a few. Those that specialize in these very specific type injuries usually attend seminars and lectures on the latest techniques and treatment on a regular basis, and therefore are the most well informed and up-to-date on how to best treat an injury or problem.  CPTI Therapists are very experienced and are licensed physical therapists.

Is the facility owned by a physical therapist or by an outside provider such as medical doctors, hospital, etc.?

You want to be evaluated by an independent physical therapist who can make a totally independent judgment as to your condition, treatment and recover.  Be sure to ask if the physical therapy clinic is independently owned or will the referring physician gain financially from your referral to physical therapy. CPTI is an independent, therapist owned clinic since 1987, and has providing the science of healing combined with the Art of Caring.

What can I expect from my treating physical therapist?

The physical therapist will evaluate your condition, set up a treatment program, answer any questions you may have and keep you abreast of your progress.  The usual goal of physical therapy is to relieve pain and increase function as soon as possible.  CPTI combines leading Edge Technology with Old Fashioned Care.  We will teach you a home program of exercises and self-massage to manage your own symptoms, allowing you to become independent.  You may also be surprised to learn that the most effective pain reliever doesn’t come in a pill.


May I come in and meet with you or your staff regarding your facility and what type of equipment do you have? 

If you are going to trust the physical therapist to treat your injury, you should be totally certain in your mind that he or she is fully capable to treat you.  Our physical therapists are willing to answer any questions you may have prior to setting up your treatment sessions.  The patient and the physical therapist work together as a team, therefore open communication is vital.  It is also important to know what type of equipment our clinic has. Our specialized equipment may be beneficial to you, and our therapists will tell you especially if it is injury-specific equipment along with other types of modalities.  

If you are unsure about CPTI or if physical therapy is the right option, consider scheduling a FREE, 15-minute consultation and/or come in for a tour of our facility.