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Biceps Tendonitis

The biceps muscles in a large muscle in the front of the upper arm that works to bend the elbow as well as elevate the shoulder. This muscle is connected to the bones above and below the upper arm by thick strong tendons. With repetitive use, the biceps tendon can become inflamed resulting in tendonitis. Biceps tendonitis results in a painful sensation in the shoulder and/or upper arm. To relieve pain, we may also use PT modalities and therapeutic taping.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) - often begins with tingling, numbing or pain in the hand.  If those symptoms appear and go untreated, permanent damage may result in the hand.  Advanced symptoms of CTS include loss of grip, strength, clumsiness, dropping things, and muscle atrophy (shrinking of muscle size).  Simple tasks such as tying shoes, or holding small objects can become more difficult and painful as the hands and fingers lose their ability to move.  

Arm and Hand Pain Treatments

Early treatment is essential which can include work shift setup, posture, bracing, massage of compression site, specific stretching and strengthening and use of modalities as needed.

Tendonitis- causes inflamed and sore tendons which usually occur when a muscle is overworked without time to rest.  Symptoms include pain, swelling, tightness and weakness.  Some common areas of tendonitis are in the hand and elbow injuries such as:

  • Dequervers -The outside of the thumb
  • Tennis Elbow- The outside of your elbow
  • Golfers Elbow- The inside of your elbow

It is important to address these symptoms early as the longer the symptoms persist the longer it takes for them to go away.  Physical Therapy plays a big role in recovery by teaching proper use, stretching, bracing.  Utilizing soft tissue mobilization and modalities also play a big part in the recovery. 

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